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There's a reason I love figure's always so very entertaining!

A while ago, I'd seen this on tv. I thought that was good. However, last night I stumbled onto this on youtube and laughed my ass off.
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Has it already been two weeks since the semester started? Hard to believe. So let's see....

Classes are off to a roaring start, and while I certainly haven't learned everyone's name yet, I've made some headway. Not bad considering I have about 125 students. The three western civ's have quite different dynamics, and I've decided that the noon class is my favorite (much as I know having favorites is BAD). They seemed to like talking about Louis XIV as a Man in Tights (Sun King portrait), and laugh at my jokes. I like them. :) My senior seminar students are a mixed bag: some I think believe they'll be able to walk all over me, since I'm new at York, while others have adopted me as their new best friend. I think they all like me, though it may be because I have usually ended class early. I am very curious to see the kind of research papers they'll churn out, particularly the ones working on ancient and medieval topics. Yes, there is one guy who's writing about the third Crusade. Score!

I have discovered that while the car very much likes the fact that I only need to be on campus three days a week, having all four classes and two office hours on one day leaves me absolutely drained. I was exhausted yesterday even before I went out for a Shabbat dinner, which didn't end until long after I'd left at 12:30 (last time I didn't get home until close to 2am). I can only imagine how tired I'll be once I start having grading to do!

One of my western civ students came up to me after class yesterday to ask if I would agree to be the faculty advisor for a new paintball club. He was so eager and earnest that I couldn't refuse. So, I am now a faculty advisor. Weird. I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. I know that there's another club that'll be wanting me to be a co-advisor for their club, but it's more of a history club, so I'm actually invested in that.

Tomorrow, sometime, I'm heading up to Philly to visit family. Since my grandfather is visiting out here for a few weeks, I'd be downright stupid not to make the effort to see him. After all, how frequently do I get the chance to fly out to CA to see him there?

I'm still very very dorky over Oleg. He's been in NYC for a week now, and I really miss him. He's going nuts with his new research position, and by Wednesday, when we last spoke, he still hadn't had a chance to settle in very well (largely the fault of, as he called her, the "stupid secretary"). I hope he'll be able to before long. I'm sending him some baked goods for Rosh Hashanah, and I hope that soon I'll be heading up there for a visit. I would hate to think that just as this really showed some strong long-term potential, the distance spoiled things. Though, it's not really that much distance...not when compared with Toronto to NJ! And, while going duh is frustrating (to say the least), it's so nice to have someone I can be extremely dorky over's been such a long time since the last one.

Otherwise, not much. My left arm is all purple and nasty looking because while getting blood taken for some tests earlier this week, the idiot tech poked the needle all the way through my vein. My arm hurts, but it looks far worse than it feels. I guess I could make up some exciting sc-fi-esque explanation for the big ugly bruise, but I'm not feeling particularly creative today. Perhaps tomorrow.
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I can recognize greatness and mourn the passing of incredible talent.

And thus the great Luciano Pavarotti leaves this earth.

He's gone

Sep. 1st, 2007 02:29 pm
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Sad Christmas.

Yesterday was rough.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] zvalium!!!!

May this be a wonderful year for you!
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OK, how bad (i.e. unprofessional) would it look to use the term "pumps your nads" on a syllabus?
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I found a blonde hair today. An extremely blonde hair.
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Just found out that my department will be conducting a tenure-track search for the position I have this coming year rather than the following year as originally scheduled.

That means my contract will not be extended for a second year. It could mean that after this year I will finally obtain that coveted tenure-track position, but there's absolutely no guarantee that I will be successful with this particular job.

I think I actually would have preferred a 2-year contract...there's some security and comfort. Now the situation is risky again. Especially with PGT at NYU for probably 2 years rather than one.


Jul. 23rd, 2007 04:18 pm
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Been a while since I posted. Life and what-not (and generally a lack of anything meaningful to write) have stood in the way.

I'm all moved in, though there are still things to do, like finding those last pieces of furniture I need, getting some window coverings to add color to some fairly monochromatic rooms, and hanging the rest of the art. I was thinking about heading out to the fabric store today, but couldn't muster the energy to face traffic on York Rd. Ah well, perhaps I'll swing by there tomorrow. At least everything's unpacked, more or less put away, and the boxes are stored neatly out of sight in the garage. I'll be happier once all the decorating is completely finished, but for now, I'm quite pleased with the way it's turned out. The next major purchases will be flowers and such for the backyard...but those are fun purchases.

I schlepped up to NJ and back yesterday for a very quick, 2-3 hour visit with my brother and his clan (no understatement: he's got 5 kids). While it is nice to spend time with my nephews and new niece, day-tripping it is not something I want to do again. I was absolutely exhaused after driving nearly 400 miles RT, and in some ways, I don't feel like my efforts were completely appreciated. For example, although I had explained to my brother that in order to have a more liesurely, lengthy visit, I'd have to bring my dog along, as I couldn't leave her in her crate for more than about 9 hours, he opted for the shorter visit but then seemed almost resentful when I told him I had to leave. I barely saw my oldest nephew, who breezed in and left nearly as quickly to go play with friends, without so much as a hello. My brother's wife too seemed somewhat standoff-ish, but unfortunately that is not too unusual for her. And there was a really stupid episode at the very end of my visit that prevented me from having a proper goodbye. All in all, not the most fulfilling visit, but at high physical cost.

Parents are coming sometime tomorrow for a week-long visit. Stay posted. It has the possibility of being an absolutely amazing week, or one after which I'll need a vacation. Why? The kicker is that they're staying with me, rather than at a hotel, which is a first.

Oh, and the potential guy thing seems not to have panned least for the time being. I'll know more when he's no longer an indentured servant for his postdoc supervisor.

EDIT (11 pm): Potential guy thing called me, so all is cool. Still indentured servant (he's actually heading back to the lab to work tonight!), but looking forward to life after servitude...and promised to call me. :)
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Mostly. There are still boxes to be unpacked, art to be put on the walls, but I think it looks amazingly settled for only two days of moving in. Course, I have yet to go grocery shopping....

Moving day (Tuesday) turned out to be the hottest, most humid day I think we've had thus far this summer. I felt really badly for the movers, but gave them a hefty tip as compensation. And the boon was that they worked as quickly and efficiently as possible so they could get out of the heat. Ergo, they finished faster than they probably would have if the weather were nicer. Go figure. I had all my stuff in my new place by 2:00. I thought it might take until at least 4:00. The only problem was that my desk didn't fit up the staircase (I was leary anyway), so it's now sitting in the garage until I can figure out how to get rid of it. A desk that is not in my office is of no use to me, and I have a new desk (that will fit) on its way.

I still have to go back to the apartment and clean (and spackle some nail holes) before I turn in the keys on the 21st. I've got time.

Thankfully Moira has taken to the new place very well. She now has three bathroom floors on which to sleep...she likes having options. She's discovered the yard, plus the frustration of not being able to get at dogs that walk past the fence. We have yet to stroll around the neighborhood, though, which I know she's dying to do. As am I. There's a dog park around here somewhere, and I'm damned well going to find it!

It's been an expensive move. Not the movers, since York College is picking up the tab for that, but other acquisitions I've felt I've needed or been justified to make. Such as the new bed and mattresses. And the new desk. And another bookcase. And more towels and accessories to outfit two additional bathrooms. And the ladder. Mustn't forget that ladder.

But...I have a real spare bedroom with a bed, not a futon, so if anyone needs crash space in the Baltimore area (or just feels like visiting!), give me a jingle. :)
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This morning I must bite the bullet and buy an 8' ladder. Lowe's doesn't open until 8:00, so until then I'm just waiting around. I suppose I could head over to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee though, right?

Then over to the townhouse to finish painting. Yesterday I put the second coat of paint on in the living room, and painted most of the master bedroom. I was dead tired by the time I left, but felt accomplished. Today I have to do touch-ups downstairs, and finish the three bedrooms. As all have cathedral ceilings, I'll have to mask around the ceiling and paint all the areas I couldn't reach with my step-stool. Hence, the 8' ladder...

I hope I have enough time to take all the tape off and replace the outlet covers today so everything will be absolutely finished by the time the movers put my things into the rooms on Tuesday.

It will be so nice not to wear paint-splattered clothes again....
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I'm bored.

And tired.

So...I want to go out and do something...but I lack the energy.

This sucks.
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Today was productive, with both good and bad results. The Good: it took me forever, but managed to finish priming and painting my new living room (approx. 19' x 18'). The Bad: I have a feeling I'll have to put a second coat of paint on. However, the color looks great, and so much better than the dark, somber colors that were there before. I like my landlords, but I do not generally share their decorating tastes. An aside )

I expect to be at my townhouse painting for most days (tomorrow and the 4th excepted) until my moving day on the 10th. I still have three bedrooms and the master bath, all with cathedral ceilings. I see much muscle soreness and fatigue in my future. If anyone would like to volunteer to help paint, or to provide backrubs and foot massages, I'm game.
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Tonight the film "The Last Unicorn" was on tv. Not a huge deal, really, since I own it on VHS. I love the movie, for all its little-girl-cheesiness. Particularly the intro credits where they animate the "Unicorn at the Fountain" panel from the Cloisters' unicorn tapestries. LOVE that part.
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Courtesy of [ profile] greenlily

Long quiz behind cut )


Jun. 17th, 2007 01:28 pm
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The new Cadillac commercial uses The Pogues.

I am impressed. And, as it's one of my favorite Pogues' tunes, I couldn't help singing along. :)

Found it!!!

Jun. 1st, 2007 10:30 pm
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And signed my lease tonight. So it would seem that I do, in fact, have a place to go when my lease here is over. And it's a really nice place at that, with a fenced backyard and my very own washer and dryer. But, I 'spose that's what happens when you upgrade from apartment to townhouse.

Moira will be thrilled. She'll finally be able to get a sister.


May. 29th, 2007 08:15 pm
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Well, better late than never. Today I finally picked up some nifty Star Wars Stamps. I must admit these are some of the coolest stamps the postal service has unveiled in a long time.

Wonder if they'll ever offer Star Trek stamps again....
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My Big Fat Greek Wedding was on TV tonight, and considering I'd never seen it, I thought I'd see what it was all about. It was okay, probably not worth the huge hype that had accompanied it when it had come out, but okay.

In a rather perverse way, it amused me. Normally when people guess my ethnicity, the first guess is Greek (doesn't help that I used to study Classical archaeology and ancient Greek!). I suppose I might share certain physical traits that would be hallmarks of Greek or more broadly Mediterranean people, despite the fact that I don't believe I have a drop of Mediterranean blood in me. Having watched the film, however, I sure hope I don't share some of the other traits (I don't think I'm that obnoxiously loud or nosy!).

I'm somehow now in a mood to make spanakopita....
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